Monday, April 14, 2008

Appearances Are Deceiving

deceive: to ensnare, to take: 1 to make (a person) believe what is not true; delude; mislead 2 to be false to; betray.

Things are not what they appear. We spend most of our time basing our actions on the evidence of what we see. After all, we live in a concrete world. However, things are rarely what they appear to be. If we act based only on what is seen, we miss unseen opportunities and often act or react improperly and often create the very situations we are trying to avoid.

It is difficult not to act on emotions. Yet emotions are behind almost every decision. Appearances often have an immediate impact on our emotions and affect our decisions and thoughts. If thoughts are things (and they are) they have energy and affect our actions, then it follows that our thoughts ultimately affect our results.

If we have fear about something happening (or not happening) and dwell on those thoughts we give energy and life to those thoughts and create (manifest) the results we are focused on, good or bad. FEAR has been defined as False Evidence Appearing Real. Acting out of fear generates unwanted and often unfortunate results.

But patience and analysis reveal that there are unseen events happening and unseen opportunities everywhere. We only have to look 'behind' events to see a much bigger projection of possibilities. We also need to realize that manifesting results, no matter how big or small, requires time. It is often referred to as the "Law of Gestation". Everything takes time to manifest and you can't rush it, no matter how bad you want it right now.

No matter how much technology we develop, it still takes nine months to have that baby! But whether we see it or not, something is always happening. Once the seed (the thought) is planted, something is definitely happening. If we are only wise enough to realize we do not physically see the overwhelming amount of things that are happening, and we are patient, the things we want will always be born into existence (manifest) and become a part of our lives.

Every week I talk with wonderful, hopeful people who have dreams of a life much different than what they are living. They see the outward expression (appearance) of other lives that look better than what they have and want more for themselves and their families. But they fear that it cannot be possible for them.

False evidence appearing real does not make it real. We can have or create any reality we want. If we have all of the right ingredients, we can make a cake every single time. What are those ingredients we need to have the things we want? Can we use the Law of Winning in our favor to manifest those things? Absolutely. Let's start then with the basic ingredients and bake a cake of dreams. It is so simple that most people miss it altogether.

First... thought. You cannot have a thought about creating something, the life that you want, unless it were possible to create that life. It is critical to understand this. If you have the power to conceive it, you also have the power to manifest it! Thoughts are things, and every thought has power and is also possible. Every thing in the material world began as a thought.

Second... faith. It has been said that the most powerful force in the universe is faith. It can move mountains. Books have been written and lives have been changed and you hold the power of faith in your heart. It is the very essence of the unseen that causes creation.

Third... emotion. Your emotions are like the horsepower of the engine or the heat of the oven. If you only have a small amount of emotions (your vested interest) engaged in your dream, it may never manifest. However, if you have strong emotions, like love or desperation, you add unbelievable power to your engine and things start happening very fast!

Fourth... action. You must take action to 'create' the reality you desire. Action is the process of taking all of our ingredients and putting them together to form that cake. If you add your thoughts, otherwise know as focus, with faith and emotion to any activity, you will absolutely have results. Things seen and unseen will begin to manifest. This is also referred to as the "Law of Attraction" and it works every single time!

Fifth... patience. You must have patience because nothing happens instantly. The greater the "thing" is that you want to manifest typically the longer it will take. But don't forget, your emotions are the horsepower behind the engine, and if you are desperately engaged, emotionally driven, you can manifest things very quickly.

Five ingredients that work to make that cake every single time! However, most people fail to realize their deepest dreams because appearances are deceiving. They begin something of great importance to them but they forget to add in one of these ingredients! Unfortunately, the majority of people do not have enough 'faith', failing to understand their own creative power (literally the power of the universe) and when they don't 'see' anything happening they falsely believe nothing is happening. They become unemotional about the outcome because they no longer believe it is possible and they quit (turn off the engine) and their dream never becomes a part of their reality. It happens again and again to the very people who are within inches of realizing their life long dreams but they are deceived by appearances.

Dream like a child. Have unshakable faith that your dreams are already a reality. Be passionate about every breath you take. When in doubt, take action. And, never, never, never, never ever quit!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Unconscious Creation

Unconscious; 1. not perceived at the level of awareness; occurring below the level of conscious thought: an unconscious impulse. 2. not consciously realized, planned, or done; without conscious volition or intent: an unconscious social slight.

In his classic work "Think and Grow Rich" Napoleon Hill reveals one of the most important laws of the universe... your thinking determines every aspect of your life!

It's true. Today we hear the New Age "buzz" about the recent book and movie "The Secret". This book makes an eye opening statement about the power of the mind and reveals what James Arthur Ray says to be one of our most important keys to success, "thoughts are things". Our thoughts have power. Thoughts create every aspect of the outward appearance of our lives! This is such a powerful concept we must consider this as one of the most important laws in our understanding of the Law of Winning.

Law of Winning #3... The Law of Unconscious Creation. You are creating every aspect of your life with your unconscious thinking.

If what we "think" really does determine our world, and we think we want success, why don't we have what we want? Maybe it's because we are not monitoring what we "think"...

As Bob Proctor explains in his book "You Were Born Rich", most of your thoughts are unconscious! You have been programmed from an early age and because you are unaware of your unconscious thoughts, your programming is determining your results!

As Jeff Olson explains in his recent book "The Slight Edge, Secret to a Successful Life", social science research shows that as a child, you heard the word "No" approximately 40,000 times before you reached the age of five! And what about those other negative messages like don't, you shouldn't do that, stop that, you can't do that, get away from there, etc.,? Compare that with how may times you heard the word "Yes"... about 5000! Only 5000 positive messages compared to over 40,000 negative messages! At this stage of our development these imprints go directly into our "unconscious" mind and our unconscious mind determines all of our actions!

Now our parents had our best interest in mind. They were only trying to protect us. But this programming affects us for the rest of our lives! We can't go back and adjust or re-live the past. But if we understand how and why our minds work the way they do, we can change our programming!

Your unconscious mind is creating all of the results in your life by affecting your decisions, which affect your actions, which affect your results! Every time you confront an opportunity to change your results in life, your unconscious mind works to "create" actions that are consistent with your programming! And most of us are not even aware this is going on. It's like we are on autopilot.

Have you heard the often quoted definition of insanity? It's doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results! If you keep doing the same thing over and over, guess what, you are going to keep getting the same results! If you change your programming (your mind-set) you automatically change your decisions, which changes your actions, which changes your results.

If we learn how to change our unconscious programming... bam, we start getting different results. We get results that are consistent with what we want.
If we want success, or more of it, we only have to change our thinking!

But the misconception that most people have is that they believe they only have to change their conscious thinking, such as "I see myself driving a new car" or "I see myself thin and healthy" and expect that they will get different results. It will never happen.

Because their unconscious mind (mind-set) will only create results consistent with it's programming. If they have been programmed to believe they "can't" or they "don't deserve" or they "aren't good enough" or they "are too stupid" or they "don't have enough money" or they "are fat" or whatever other voices they hear from their unconscious mind...bam... that new car never arrives or that new diet doesn't work.

Do you know someone who has tried every new diet that comes down the pike and like a roller coaster, with all of it's ups and downs, still wind up back at the same place? Why can't they lose weight? Let me ask you something... What would their body look like in 90 days if Arnold Schwarzenegger woke up in their body tomorrow morning? As funny as this is to imagine, you and I both know they wouldn't even look like the same person! Are you getting this?

You have been creating all of the results in your life. It's popular in today's society to be the "victim". To lay responsibility for the results in our lives to external circumstances, those that appear to be outside of our control. This is popular but it actually has nothing to do with the results in your life. ALL of the results in your life have only to do with your "thinking". And you can control your thinking. In fact, it is the only thing you can control. But most people go through their entire lives never realizing that their "thinking" can be controlled, changed and managed to the point that they can create anything they want!

This is not easy. Even for the best teachers who know this information, it is not easy to defeat those years of programming that are secretly holding you back from the results you want from life. But the truth will set you free!

If you spend time learning about how your mind works, you can start to change the results in you life, almost as if by magic! But it's not magic and the best news of all is that it works every single time. You only have to realize your programming to change it and then you can "create" any result you want.

The "programming" of our unconscious mind continues throughout our entire lives. We are often unaware of this process and so we accidentally re-enforce the programming we don't really want. Here is a quick example. Do you recognize that almost everything we hear and see on television is negative. The news is always negative, sitcoms are negative, even cartoons are negative.

Now I am not suggesting that some of this stuff isn't funny. But even if it's funny it may still be negative. You are better served by avoiding it. As someone recently told me, run like a crazy man from anything that weakens you! Negative information weakens you. My advice to anyone who wants to change their life is to TURN OFF THE TELEVISION. Unplug the TV and spend your most valuable resource, your time, in positive environments with positive people.

If you want to learn more about this very powerful Law Of Winning, I invite you to review a blog site by Bill Harris on the development of our minds and of course, please read all of the books in our reading list found on this page. I highly recommend "The Slight Edge, Secret to a Successful Life" by Jeff Olson.